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Our dietitian at NFCHC provides both one-on-one appointments, as well as nutrition group programming.

A Dietitian takes nutritional science and translates it to tangible advice to help clients make their food choices work for them, optimize their health and manage or prevent chronic disease.


Please see the FAQs for more information on the services that we provide.

  • What is a Community Health Centre?
    CHCs provide health care services that are delivered by a team of medical professionals consisting of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Health Promoters, Community Outreach Workers and other support professionals. As a patient of a CHC you will receive care and support from the whole team. When you make an appointment, you will be booked with the medical professional who has the right skills to meet your needs. You have a team supporting you!
  • Does NFCHC have a walk-in clinic?
    No, NFCHC is not a walk-in clinic. Patients must be rostered to a primary care provider to access health care. Rostered clients must make appointments during the week, and same day visits may be available if needed.
  • Do I have to pay to receive a service?
    No, there are no fees for our services.
  • What types of professionals provide service at NFCHC?
    The NFCHC has: Family Physicians Nurse Practitioners Registered Nurses Registered Dietitians Certified Lactation Educator Counsellors / Social Workers Medical Receptionists Outreach Workers Refugee Outreach Workers LGBTQ2+ Support Team Health Promoter Occupational Therapist Kinesiologist Dental Community Worker Dentist Dental Assistant Dental Hygienist
  • What if I miss an appointment?
    Clients are asked to make every effort to keep appointments and to be on time. If you cannot make an appointment, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice. By doing so, it opens appointment spots for others who need to see us.
  • What if I need a prescription refill?
    We ask that you give us one week's notice for any prescription refill. Please ask your pharmacy to fax the refill request to our office for the specific prescription you are going to run out of.

Nutrition FAQs:

Canada Food Guide Recommendation

Food Guide

NFCHC Recipe Videos

Check out our Facebook page for more healthy recipes, ongoing nutrition workshops & tips.


Certified Lactation Educator at NFCHC

What we can help with:

  • Prenatal nutrition questions

  • Preparing to breastfeed

  • Immediate post-partum (help reach your feeding goals)

  • Sore nipples/nipple pain/cracked nipples

  • Blocked ducts

  • Poor weight gain in babe

  • Concerns and questions regarding latch and positioning

  • Engorged breasts

  • Low breastmilk supply

  • Oversupply

  • Pumping help and questions

It is strongly recommended that you have an

appointment booked with the CLE for your baby at:

  • 4 months

  • 6 months

  • 18 months

  • Whenever you have feeding related questions

Additional resources:

  • FREE prenatal vitamins through the Baby Be Healthy Program

    • Niagara Falls: Pharmacy inside FreshCo on Kalar Road

    • St. Catharines/Welland: Pharmacy inside Sobeys

  • Healthy Eating for Healthy Baby - Click here

  • Guide for Introducing Solids - Click here

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