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NFCHC Board Member
NFCHC Board Member
NFCHC Board Member
NFCHC Board Member
Board Member Application and Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Board Member of Niagara Falls Community Health Centre. To assist us with the selection of potential candidates, please fill out the following application and questionnaire.

How did you become interested in serving the board?


The Board represents those with barriers to healthcare.  Why are you well suited to this role?

Why are you interested in becoming a board member at Niagara Falls CHC?

How much time can you commit to board activities per month?

Do you have any previous experience serving on a board? If so, please list.


Do you have any particular or specific training certifications related to board activities? If so what are they?


What types of leadership experiences have you had that will support you in the role of governing Niagara Falls CHC?

Career/Education/Affiliations/Skills and Talent

**Please attach a resume that provides this information.

Upload Resume

Thanks for submitting!

Niagara Falls Community Health Centre seeks to be a culturally competent and diverse organization. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds, promoting a balance of community representatives and professionals.

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